On Friday 1 March 2024, the InterNICHE film on humane innovations in veterinary education, Surgery and the SynDaver Canine, will be launched. You are cordially invited to the premiere, a live screening of the film with presentations and Q&A from those involved.

InterNICHE Co-ordinator, Nick Jukes, will introduce the film. Dr Galina Hayes from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, and an interviewee in the film, will present her reflections on ethical and effective surgery training. Dr Hayes and representatives from the producers SynDaver will then be available for extended Q&A.

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Full details about the presenters and the film can be found below.

The film premiere is a free, open event. Please share the event details and the registration link with your networks.

Grafic with photos of a syndaver canine, Nick Jukes and Dr Galina Hayes. All other information are in the text of the post.

About the presenters

Nick Jukes is Co-ordinator of InterNICHE, the International Network for Humane Education. He is the director and producer of the film Surgery and the SynDaver Canine, part of the film series DVM: Training the Animal Doctor. Nick has been working internationally for over 30 years to enhance education and training in medicine, veterinary medicine and biology through humane innovations and the replacement of harmful animal use.

Dr Galina Hayes is Associate Professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University (USA). She works in the soft tissue surgery section and is an expert in the use of simulators for surgical skills acquisition. Dr Hayes has a PhD in epidemiology and a Doctorate of Veterinary Science (DVSc) focused in pharmacokinetics. She has broad experience in clinical research, epidemiology and clinical trials.

Tom Ewing and Calisse Revilla from SynDaver will join the event to answer questions about the SynDaver Canine model and its application in clinical skills and surgery training.

About the film

Surgery and the SynDaver Canine is a 37-min documentary film that provides a case study of an advanced synthetic model with multiple functionalities for veterinary clinical skills and surgery training. The film features interviews with university teachers and developers, expert demonstrations of structure and function, and footage of student practical classes for training in abdominal surgery. It is part of the documentary film series DVM: Training the Animal Doctor. The series follows the trajectory of a veterinary degree and explores how humane innovations are replacing animal experiments and enhancing veterinary education across the disciplines – and across the world.